Counseling for Counselors

Blossom Your Private Practice

Are you finding yourself feeling unmotivated?
Are you not sure who you should be helping?
Are you finding yourself doing more in-session work than your clients?
Are you finding yourself stuck with your career – feeling lost?
Are you finding yourself more depressed or anxious?
Do you feel like you need to find a new direction?

As helpers, we connect with those we work with on many levels. So, it is important that we also have a space to grow, nurture and support ourselves.

Being able to nurture oneself aids resiliency, improves connection with clients, and allows balance in life and growth as a professional. Having this space also allows you to explore what your practice can be.

For many of us, these things aren’t something that we learned in school. Instead they can become part of our ongoing professional and personal development.

3B Wellness Counseling & Coaching aids those who are in the professional field of counseling by offering the following services to blossom growth of self, practice and life:

Wellness programs
Designing Your Practice
Clinical Supervision for Licensed Professionals

Are you ready to blossom?

Blossom your practice today!