I hear from so many over the course of time, that they have struggled finding that “right” therapist or counselor to talk with. For many they have suffered with not finding the right one or it has turned them off from talking with someone all together.

There are many benefits to finding the right person and over time the research has shown this to be true as well. One of the most important pieces to finding the right therapist or counselor is that you the positive side effect is that you are growing in counseling or therapy. You, yourself are seeing the progress and the change for yourself, whether it is insight, changes in symptoms or ways that you have coped with things.

As the person looking for that right fit, its important and ok to ask your therapist or counselors questions about their theory of practice, school and training. Sure, the base of our training is similar but for many there are specializations for different types of symptoms or situations. But, that shouldn’t just be the reason you picked them. Personality is an important part of connection. If two personalities do not go together well, then it can be a barrier. Knowing the type of personality that you are needing is important. Do you need someone who is nurturing, active, solution focused or analytical?

Sometimes, it does take time to find the right now, patience is important. But, I know it can be frustrating. Honestly, though when you find the counselor or therapist, it’s an amazing experience. Some might even say, it compares to finding that comfortable pair of shoes.