Stories, we can say so much about Stories. They can be powerful! We are told stories as we are growing up, whether they were fairy tale, family based or even ethnic origin stories. We are always telling ourselves stories whether it’s our internal voice, or we hear the news, friends, significant others or even parents telling stories of life. Can you think about a story that stayed with you? Maybe it was a favorite story from childhood or even a favorite book as you grew up.

Stories can create options or views about anything, and everything, they can take us places and shape how we even react to things.

I know for me as a counselor and coach, that it’s an honor to have people share with me their stories. As I sit here though, watching people walk by and drink my tea, I think about the stories we all carry inside of ourselves and how they are drive our lives. Not just by what we say to others or how we act or whether they make us present or make us sit in the past. But also, how we take care of ourselves in the means of well-being or even the decision to where our life takes us. But what about the times for those where they have become the vault of stories, perhaps not their own but generations before, how has that impacted life?
If you have found yourself in that place, how has that gotten in the way? For many, it might be the driving force to why life is what life is. Maybe you even found yourself somewhere else in life and it is making you so far removed to your meaning in life and the purpose which you are supposed to be the driver of. Perhaps you even feel miserable or worried or lost.

At what point, do you reach out for help or guidance or do you sit and continue the path which you are going. If things are not working, perhaps there is a reason. Is now the time to let it go and start a new journey. Hey it’s never too late for anything, whether you are a teen, young adult or an adult. You can find ways to let go of what is old and start a new journey.

Author Danielle Laporte said it best, “Your life purpose is what you say it is.” You are the writer of your story, it’s up to you what goes into those chapters. How are you writing your next chapter?